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I figured since I’m pregnant my hair would be more thick and full and just amazing! But it’s quite the opposite…..my hair is thinning and falling out! I’m not quite sure what to do, I looked it up and it said it had to do with hormones but that it’ll level itself out during the second or third…

Don’t cut if you think you might regret the length. 

If you want to go a shampoo route for thickening your hair I’ve had good results with a Biotin & Collagen shampoo. (My hair was already very thick but it’s noticeably healthier looking since I started using it.) I know someone who swears by the Mane&Tail horse shampoo. (I know, it sounds crazy but it’s thickens horse hair and works the same on humans.)

You could also try some natural things, like an egg mask for your hair. Olive oil scalp massage or a castor oil scalp massage.

It’s a bit hard to say because everyone’s hair reacts differently. I always cut my hair and regret it afterwards but long, thick hair is so damned hot in the summer time.

So happy for you and your hubby about the baby news!

Just got home from the vet and the pet store with my girls. For their yearlies, Bella’s microchip ($79), Bella’s nail trim, Mel’s 3 year rabies, three months of heartworm for them to share since they are in the same weight class, Mel’s ear inspection (poor girl has an ear infection) and two meds for her ears cost me $432. Total. I was expecting to spend 600-800 easily. This place was so, so, so, so good with them and so gentle with Melanie. The vet and techs got down on her level and even made her tail wag. Plus the vet brought them cheese and the girls loved it. Will absolutely be going again. I don’t care if I move to the other side of the state, I’ve found their clinic.

Since it was so cheap and they were already in town I decided to try to take Mel to the pet store to see how she would do and to get her some treats. Bella was her usually barkey bratty self, but Mel was amazing. She was obviously very nervous about the whole thing but she did really well. She walked well on the leash and didn’t seem too scared about people passing us in the aisles. Since I had budgeted for spending so much more at the vet they practically robbed the pet store. Came out of there with a giant bag of dental sticks, a massive bag of pig ears, some yogurt berry treats that I’d been wanting to get, natural pumpkin and sweet potato treats that they love (seriously. the wet noses brand makes amazing treats that they lovelovelove) and some more berry treats.

Ran over to the pharmacy to grab Mel’s zyterc that the doctor prescribed. Got the bottle of 300 for like $40 but it was the best deal! 

Came out of the whole thing still $200 cheaper than I had planed for! The girls are totally exhausted but real happy from all the treatsies they got today. Mel took her pills like a champ when I stuck them in a little cheese.

When Mel was getting examined Bella cried and  cried for her. When Bells was getting looked at Mel crawled under the chair to take a nap. Sisfurs.

When we were checking out at the pet store the guy two people behind us pointed at Bella and said “Border Collie?” and I said “Yeap.” he said “I used to have one that was just as talkative, they are smart dogs.”. All while Bella is barking her head off at everything and nothing. He looks at her for a minute more and nods to himself and goes “Border Collies”.

Yeap, finally someone who gets it. lol. She’s a barker all right.



foods that will poison cats:

  1. alcohol 
  2. chocolate
  3. caffeine
  4. dairy products (adults turn lactose intolerant)
  5. fat trimmings, raw meat, eggs, fish
  6. grapes and raisins
  7. onions and garlic
  8. tuna (when not made for cats)
  9. xylitol (artificial sweetener)

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Seriously? Raw meat and fish will not kill your cat. No. This is wrong. Cats are biologically engineered to eat raw meat. My cat eats raw on a regular basis and she is still happy, healthy and active.

riverplants has obviously never seen a cat fish a fish out of a river, eat the damn thing and go about it’s day just fine. Or a cat bring down a rabbit or a squirrel and go to town for a snack. Cheese and egg are fine in small amounts as well. Why the hell would you feed your cat any of those other things anyways.




I’m actually concerned for boys who complain about how different girls look without makeup. Like did you think eyeshadow permanently alters a girls eyelid? Are you frightened when people change clothes

Babies have no concept of object permanence

That’s one of the sickest burns I’ve ever read. 




I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.

An Open Letter to Sam Pepper 


Hi Sam!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.  As fellow YouTubers, we have much respect for others who put so much hard work into building their channel.  It’s not easy, and you should be proud!  That said, we’ve noticed that in your success, there has been a lack of respect in return…namely, for women and girls.

You may have noticed that your latest video “Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank” has garnered considerable negative attention.  In this video, you sexually violate a number of unsuspecting women on the street, many of whom are visibly confused and upset at being touched by you without permission.  One woman even says “I don’t like that!” while you proceed to laugh and touch her more.  In “How to Make Out with Strangers”, you pressure women on camera to make out with you - again, many of whom are visibly uncool with it.  Confused and caught off guard, they painfully follow through with your requests, clearly uncomfortable.  In “How to Pick Up Girls with a Lasso”, you physically restrain women on the street with lassos - many of whom look alarmed to be restrained by a stranger on the street.

You’d probably be alarmed too, wouldn’t you?  Imagine someone on the street comes up and rubs their hand on your bottom, or a girl walks up to you with a camera and forces her mouth onto yours while you’re trying to figure out what’s going on.  Imagine walking down the alley alone, when a guy much larger than you physically restrains you with rope and pulls you toward him.  You probably wouldn’t like it, right?

People don’t like to be violated and they don’t like to see their friends and girlfriends be violated either (hence the group of men that tried to beat you up in the lasso video).  And yet, history suggests that perhaps you find this humorous.  It is very disturbing that we live in a world where the violation of women and girls’ bodies is not only funny, but profitable, and can garner considerable notoriety and views on YouTube.

We are deeply disturbed by this trend and would like to ask you kindly, from one creator to another, to please stop.  Please stop violating women and making them uncomfortable on the street for views.  Please stop physically restraining them and pressuring them to be sexual when they are uncomfortable.  Please show some respect for women’s right to their own bodies.  While it may seem like harmless fun, a simple prank or a “social experiment”, these videos encourage millions of young men and women to see this violation as a normal way to interact with women.  1 in 6 young women (real life ones, just like the ones in your video) are sexually assaulted, and sadly, videos like these will only further increase those numbers.

We realize that people make mistakes, and that sometimes it’s hard to see the ripple effect of one’s actions.  We really hope that you will take a step back and consider the power you have to be someone who makes the world a better place.  It’s not too late to make a change!  We invite you to join us in ending widespread bodily violation that takes place in so many forms all around in the world.

Thanks so much.

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I watched two of the above mentioned video’s and was absolutely disgusted. He does these things to women and then giggles like a fucking 10 year old. One day he’s going to pull some of that shit on the wrong woman and I hope he get’s his ass beat up so he learns a lesson. If it had been me in the lasso video he and his friend would have been pepper sprayed and then the cops would have been called for assault.  (Actually I probably would have broken his nose and then gone for the pepper spray, but I have extreme anger problems and hate to be touched by strangers.) 

This is not okay. Doing this to people is not okay. Have some fucking respect for your fellow humans and don’t act like a massive asshole.

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Just spent over 2 and 1/2 hours on hold with Equifax. Can not even begin to explain how shitty their customer service is. Finally got my issue resolved the second time I asked to speak with a supervisor. 

Plus side got my credit card approved for the limit that I wanted. And the credit card guy sounded super cute and friendly so he made my morning better.

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